Services Offered by Busse for the 804RVA Time Bank

This post is mostly for other members of the 804RVA Coworking space in Richmond, VA who are participating in the community TimeBank. However, maybe it’s intriuging enough that you’d like to try a free day of coworking?

804RVA has initiated a TimeBank - managed through our Slack channel #timebank, inspired in part by the CVille TimeBank. In an effort to help build some momentum for the initiative, I’m offering the following services – Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops, Pitch Feedback & Coaching, and Resume Review to the community, with the expectation that I’ll be “paid” by the time banked.

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops

I helped launch and grow a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency that served small businesses and Fortune 500 brands alike. I’ve served an adjunct instructor at the VCU Brandcenter - developing the curriculum for and teaching “Strategies of Modern Media” and “Brand Analytics”. I launched a major new product initiative for a Fortune 500 company that was marketed heavily in digital. Through the course of that work I’ve developed two solid workshops that I’ve used with many groups, including several Lighthouse Labs teams over the five years I’ve volunteered as a mentor there. I have a passion for marketing, but it isn’t the main focus of what I’m doing professionally now, so I’m making these workshops available to the 804RVA community.

Workshop 1: People, Product, Content, Context (PPCC)

Regardless of size, all organizations have less resources to deploy in their marketing efforts than they’d like. One of the consequences of this is the need to focus on only the platforms that are likely to deliver the best return on investment.

This workshop was created to facilitate teams getting to that answer with confidence that they’re making the right choice.

Starting from a theory I developed while teaching Strategies of Modern Media – that “Platforms evolve, and with it people’s expectations of the content they are exposed to, as well as the context in which they are exposed” – in this workshop we’ll break down the four core elements that underpin every successful marketing strategy and arrive at solid conclusions that will enable you to move forward in your new marketing initiatives with confidence that you’re starting off in the right direction to make use of your limited resources.

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Delivery: In person, at a whiteboard

Note: Although I describe this as a “digital” marketing workshop, this will also work for offline platforms and channels if they’re in the mix of what you’re considering.

Workshop 2: Building a super-effective paid media (pay-per-click) strategy

Google AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) platforms can be incredibly powerful traffic and revenue drivers. This holds especially true when you can mature your program to answer the all important question: “What is my predictable cost-per-acquisition?” — in other words, “If I spend X dollars, I’ll be confident that I can acquire Y new customers.”

This workshop assumes no background knowledge on how PPC advertising works (although if you have some it won’t hurt), and takes you through a proven approach to developing great keyword-driven campaigns, backed by powerful, high-converting landing pages and the scientific method and discipline needed to build a strategy to launch PPC campaigns that drive real, predictable customer acquisition.

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Delivery: In person or remote via screen share

Pitch Coaching & Feedback

I’ve both seen and made over one hundred pitches for startups, marketing campaigns, products, data-driven initiatives, and all sorts of other random things. I can help you with whatever stage of development you’re in and work with you to get through as many iterations as you need to create a powerful pitch that gets your message across in an impactful way.

Time: 1+ hours

Delivery: Ideally in person, but remote via screen share is possible (and may be most appropriate if that’s how you deliver your pitch).

Resume Review

In the course of growing two companies and a team within the Fortune 500 that employed me, I’ve read over a thousand resumes and interviewed hundreds of people. Most people have bad resumes. Some of these are otherwise the best candidates. The challenge is people can relate the work that they’ve done, but a hiring manager needs to get an idea of what you can do for them. I feel I have a pretty good eye for what makes a great resume and how to make it really stand out and would love to help you improve yours!

Time: 30 minutes

Delivery: You will email me a Word Doc or share a Google Doc of your resume and I will return or mark it up with Comments suggesting edits / improvements.

Contact Me to Get Started

I can be reached on the 804RVA Slack via DM to @busse - although I am sometimes slow to respond there. Email to might be a better way to get in touch with me. After understanding what you’re looking for, I’ll send a link to my scheduling tool so you can grab some time on my calendar.

Also, feel free to get in touch if you have feedback about this page, or think there might be something else I can help you with.

I look forward to helping you out!

Why no API / software development / technology strategy offerings for the TimeBank, isnt’ that what you do?

That kind of work is what I do through my company APIvista — if I’m treating the TimeBank like professional payment, then I also need to recognize that to offer services that directly overlap with my company would be a violation of my otherwise very liberal agreement with my business partners. If you’re in need of that kind of work, I’d love to talk about it, but it would need to be via APIvista outside of the TimeBank context.