API-first Redesign of a Legacy Application - Workshop

The classic text-based computer game “Lemonade Stand” was a favorite among elementary school students growing up in the 80s. It presented a simple model to teach business and economics. In this workshop we’ll use it as the “legacy application” we’ve been asked by our client to turn into an API-first application.

Starting with the overall taxonomy of the game and working our way down to the resource and payload level, we’ll take a look at what needs to be represented in the game - from user inputs to IoT weather sensors - and define an API specification that could be used to faithfully recreate the logic from the original.

This workshop will be both fun and educational. Participants will leave with a better appreciation of what it takes to reorganize real-world legacy applications into a RESTful model represented by an Open API Specification.

Presentation Deck

Run Lemonade Stand

Source code

Open API Spec Files

spoiler alert - participants please don’t view these until after the workshop



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