Lighthouse Labs Batch V - Mentor Open House - Overview

Lighthouse Labs is a nationally ranked startup accelerator based in Richmond, VA. They provides their teams with three months of acceleration along with $20,000 in seed capital without taking equity.

I’ve had the honor of being a mentor to teams in the program since its first batch. It has been pretty awesome to see these founders come in with their business concepts in various stages and work though the program, emerging stronger and more focused, then getting to see their continued growth and success.

Last week (on 8/24/2017) I got to meet the teams for Batch V during the Mentor Open House night at the Evatran building.

The Teams in Batch V

  • Answers Now empowers families dealing with autism by putting powerful, proven tools for learning and crisis intervention into the hands of caregivers.

  • Blueswipe improves payment processing by making it simple and affordable for small business owners.

  • Indivigroup enables companies and public organizations to crowdsource ideas and solutions for pressing problems from their direct communities.

  • Ivy Oaks Analytics sweeps large-scale outdoor recreation areas of ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy through advanced, public health control.

  • Pay Your Tuition (PYT) Funds bridges the financial gap between college juniors/seniors and their graduation through the last mile funding options of crowdfunding and alternative lending.

  • RideRoundTrip transforms access to non-emergency medical transportation for providers and patients.


I’ll be meeting with the teams one-on-one over the course of this week, and select teams that I “click” with over the course of the following weeks during the program (and hopefully beyond!). Along the way I will share what I can (some things I learn during mentoring are confidential) in the Lighthouse Labs category.